Through the XSPORT scholarship program, XSPORT Consulting gets scholarships in american and canadian universities for athletes of various sports, being some of them: soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis, water polo, and track and field.

The program has as the fundamental goal, the obtention of those scholarships, always taking in consideration the profile of each of our athletes – their financial necessities, the major of their interest, and their capacity and technical abilities in the sport.

Athlete profile 

Athletes in high level that have state, national and international championship experience and that, especially, have interest and commitment of continuing competing in high level, reconciling the practice of their favorite sport to their academic career development. The scholarships are offered based on the sport’s ability level of the athlete, therefore, the better his/her technical level is, the greater the chances are to get a scholarship. The scholarships can reach 100%, considering the expenses of room, board and studies. 

Attention: According to the rules of the American Universities leagues, the athletes with a professional career don’t have the right to the sport’s scholarship selection. Therefore, only amateur athletes can participate on tests through XSPORT CONSULTING. 

Basic requirements 

The basic requirements for the participation on the XSPORT try-outs for sports scholarships are:

The age for the scholarships program is from 15 to 22 years old, for both genders.

The athletes will make a highlight video, according to the given instructions, beyond preparing a sports curriculum. This material will be evaluated by the XSPORT coordinators for they have in hands the possible tools to get the the best scholarships and universities options. As soon as the work is initiated officially, it will be developed an specific schedule for each athlete with all the deadlines regarding the tests, sports curriculum and video, passport, flight ticket, and others. 

Attention: the athletes already studying in the higher level can also be a part of the XSPORT’s scholarship program.

The athletes already studying in the higher level can also be a part of the XSPORT’s scholarship program.


Reconcile the sport and studies during College.

Learn to speak english fluently (If international)

Experience another culture

Have the opportunity to take internships at the University or american companies, where the student can get acquire professional experience even before graduating 

Guaranteed one year of work visa (OPT) in the US after graduation

Compete in a structured and competitive sport’s league

Have the chance to visit several american cities and states with the sport’s travels 

Receive quality education, with a lot of structure and technology.

Have a diploma from an american university 

Build a network of contacts that will open a lot of doors to get your master degree or work in the US.

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