Student-athletes Transfers

The decision to transfer to another school is an important and often difficult one in your college career. Transferring between American institutions is a process that can happen in the life of student-athletes, whether due to lack of adaptation, financial problems or even the level of the league they are playing. It is not necessary for the student to return to Brazil or another country to carry out the transfer process, but there are transfer rules that need to be respected between the same league or different leagues. There is also the question of the number of credits (classes) that student-athletes need to transfer.

For the transfer process it is necessary to have a plan, carry out the documentation and admission process at the new College or University and, contact the technicians again to see if there is interest on their part. The student-athlete will only be able to contact a new institution after having the RELEASE document, GPA above 2.5 and video playing.

If you are an athlete looking for a transfer between educational institutions in the United States, please contact our company so that we can assist you.

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