Depoimento do estudante atleta de voleibol, Bernardo Adam, sobre sua primeira temporada nos EUA!

We appreciate the time you took to post this, and we’re glad that you shared this moment with us.

“Since I moved to the U.S, I am feeling at home. Not only because I feel belonging to this place, but because I feel that the whole world is my home. I know that I would feel at home in any country, in any corner of the globe.
Feeling home for me is not a feeling caused specifically by the place itself, but the people that are there. And in my life experience, I am somewhat convinced that there are good people everywhere, and the only way to find them is being a good human too.
In Brazil, we have the culture to say that people should “give before receive”. And as the time crosses my life, I understand better and better this concept. “GBR” is not something mindful. Indeed, it has shown to be the opposite. It is totally automatic and intertwined with the personality. People that are mindful giving just to receive, are usually filtered by time, because they need to show that they are giving. And, apparently, this is not how it works.
I am saying that because my experience in the United States so far has been showing to me that the more good you are, more good things tend to happen in your life. And honestly, I do not relate it to the “Law of Attraction” or anything like that, which new psychological and philosophical movements firmly preach. I connect it to the human nature itself. Good things happen in good people’s life simply because our nature does not appreciate evil. People, unconsciously, desire goodness, so when it shows up, they embrace it with the whole heart.
I say it to reaffirm how I give limitless importance to people in my life and how I want to work with them for the rest of my life.
The meaning is in people.”