Depoimento do estudante atleta Caio Pumputis após sua graduação em Business with Finance Concentration and Economics Minor no Georgia Institute of Technology

Que belíssimo depoimento do estudante atleta. Mais um exemplo de transformação através do esporte e educação!!

Desejamos muito sucesso em sua trajetória e parabéns pelas conquistas em GT e pelo Brasil!

“5 years ago I took the hardest and most important decision of my life. Back then I didn’t know if I was making the right decision, I didn’t know if I would make a single semester without knowing the language very well. I was far from my family and friends, far from my people, country and culture. Well, I decided to take the risk. I left family, friends, and country behind and went to the US. It was hard as fuck and I almost gave up a couple times.

Well, after 5 years I leave the Georgia Institute of technology with a degree in business with finance concentration and economics minor. But for me the degree is not the most important thing. I leave Georgia Tech as a better person. I leave Georgia Tech as a man that knows how to deal with the best and the worst, a man who knows the true value of family, a man who knows the true value of real friends. I learned so many things in these past 5 years. I learned so much with every person that crossed my path and every single situation that I’ve been through.

Today I can definitely say that it was the best decision of my life!!

Thank you everyone that was part of this phase of my life!

I got out! We moving! ????”